October 24, 2003


yea... 2 posts in one week. talk about a shocker. but anyways... i'm bored working on my physics labs so i figure there is somethin i can talk about. my weekend or really lack there of it this week, i just can't wait. tonite i have to goto uconn for a retreat 5-10pm for some stuff, not sure what its all about but we'll just have to see. and of course i'm staying over so that i can get up at 6am to be in hartford for 8am to work the football game. then i've got to bounce outta there early cause i have to goto real work, well its sort of real working at the packie, and work from 4-9pm there. all and all tomorrow i'll spend like 11 hours around beer and alchohol and i wont be touching one drop of it... its gonna suck. course afterward i get to go home, finish up these damn physics labs cause i know i'm not gonna finish them now. and of course sunday i get to replace the brakes on my car, just more n more fun every minute of the weekend for me. then tutor my brother in microeconomics once i'm done with my car. its just lookin better and better lemme tell ya. somone told me this week that from the sounds of whats goin on in my life that i need a lil 'tlc,' to which i replied 'whats that' or at least something along those lines... eh seems i've forgotten some good things in my past. but whatever, back to physics just wanted to post a quickie, ah yes, i remember what that is too... hehe.

_ Johnny

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Posted by Johnny at October 24, 2003 11:37 AM

you're a very original guy jon =)

Posted by: Amanda at October 24, 2003 01:43 PM

Hey whats up buddy.. long time no see, how's life.
just wanted to say whats up. yea i heard about the football game late. i got outta work at like 1, i coulda made it, just to hang out with hte guys and stuff.. but i didntknow where it was.

but yea i hear ya, just been busy lately u know. trying to do this and that.. and apps.. etc.
but yea we should chill sometime hit up lunch or something it will be fun..

yea i got a car on campus now to
so now i can go to the apt whenever u know.
aight man


take care

Posted by: Momo Nation at October 27, 2003 02:35 PM

thnx momo, yea i'm around up there at UC but not as much. granted i'm like 5min down the road tho. its all good, been real busy with classes, 4 exams next week. i can't wait, but yea i'll hit u up some time n see whats goin on up in Storrs. have a good one man, get those damn apps in. lol. pz.

Posted by: Johnny at October 28, 2003 07:57 AM
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