October 15, 2003


obviously lots of things have happened around here in the last week, i just haven't had the time really to sit down and blog. so here i am. big change in the domain, echodrive.com is likely gonna be gone soon, replaced by fysics.net . sorta catchy i thought. but i'm really looking to change the whole blog portion of the site over to another domain, but we'll see how thats gonna work out. i'm trying to dedicate fysics.net to the whole company thing hosting.fysics.net. so yea, that was a lotta fun, most all of that is getting transitioned now, waiting for some records to update etc but its been a pretty smooth transfer. and then of course i've been rather busy with classes. 3 exams in the last week with my last one this morning. none were all that bad as far as difficulty goes, just time consuming with the amount of work and studying i needed to get done. plus the 2 physcis labs which were due monday that i put off til sunday pretty much. but eh, all done now, so i'm sorta relieved. i mean as much as i can be, i'm always tense and thats just how i am. there was a lotta stress with the domain thing, transfering accounts and all that type stuff, but all in all it was a learning experience. can't bash that. no pun intended for anyone who might get that. so the rest of this week is for gettin my relaxin on. can't complain there, just some minor assignments and i'm just happy to be sorta done for a few weeks. still job hunting, i probably am gonna try to work back at the computer shop a lil more often. it just plain sucks waiting around to be called after submitting applications and havin interviews. of course this whole web thing is nice, but it doesn't pay the bills. it'd be nice if it did tho, consider that is my biggest monthly expense. but anyway, i'm gonna go run and do some physics, seemingly the only subject i do do work for. and thats probably correct. and here is me making an effort to blog more.

_ Johnny

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Posted by Johnny at October 15, 2003 10:48 AM

thanks =)

Posted by: amanda at October 15, 2003 01:31 PM
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