October 02, 2003


eh, i've been bored this week. tho i've been just too damn busy. 3 exams in the last week, stats, history n macro. all relatively easy, just a pain in the ass to set aside time from my oh so busy schedule to actually study. don't i wish... i had more than enough time to prepare for all of them. then there is my physics exam a week from today, that should be a real fun time. i've been spending hella more time up here, haven't been home for an evening since saturday, can't complain about that all too much. though some of it i feel is all for naught. apparelty to a few i'm good for physics studying and nothing more, since when did i become the smart guy that everyone wants to study with? maybe i missed that one. in addition to that my car starter died on tuesday, while at home of all places, least i can't complain about that happening at home. but yea, my car is useless for a few days. so i get the joy to drive my bros car. a tricked out late 80s vw cabriolet. its almost comical driving it i think at times. tires n rims, 12" bass tubes in the trunk throwin out like 800W, then of course the extra loud exhaust and the racing pedals. its not so bad to drive, but just the looks i get make it funny to drive to school. nothin like runnin thru willi thumpin in a lil vw, people really give u that 'what the fuck' look. but hey, its not so bad. its getting me to school, where i have to be all week. and this saturday i haveta goto hartford for like 9am, so i'll have to be taking the GP, least that car is much newer and a much nicer ride. and i tend to think it looks better on the road. but thats just me. i can't diss my bro like that, its a great summer kinda car for an 18yo college kid. just doesn't fit me so well. but thats how things are on my end... better get back to my physics labs, their calling me...

_ Johnny

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Posted by Johnny at October 2, 2003 11:58 AM

you should blog more often =P

Posted by: amanda at October 13, 2003 10:54 PM
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