September 17, 2003

newer things

i guess this whole blog thing now doesn't hold the same flare and spark that drew me to it to write every day or so. oh well, people change. the one thing in life that remains constant, that things will change, no matter what u do to prevent them. most of u probably know that i'm not that religious, even barely at all most of the time. but there is one thing that i've been trying to fit into my life. its called the serenity prayer and it goes something like this: grant me the serenity to change the things i can, accept the things i cannot, and give me the wisdom to tell the difference. i won't go bible beatin... but thats just my two cents on life atm. that frame of mind or whatever else you wanna call it is what i'm trying for in my life.
i've been pretty busy with class, work, and then of course my 'business.' i've moved all the echodrive galleries, quotes db, and messege boards to another domain. not sure what i'm gonna do with all that as of yet. i've worked quite a bit on some webdesign for some clients sites and some personal projects of course. that sorta stuff never seems to end for me. i'm even looking into getting a job at a local company doing web/graphic design and some database work. its not lookin so bad, just something to fill the time off between classes. is something i just did tonite... once again i got bored, very much so. my feelings towards school are of mixed emotions as of now. classes for the most part are fun, teachers interesting and knowledgable. minus one, that being my statistics class. we 'might' be having an exam this friday in that class... a claim that i find hilarious. an exam is sorta to me at least a very definate thing, not something that you decide upon a whim. well at least not from a teachers perspective. but thats just me. the semester being definately underway now things are falling into place. back to the grind... the daily routine. i honestly wish mine started a lil later tho... 6am just plain sux. i'm finding my educational experience in general a lot more fulfilling this semester, can't argue with that.
socially... i'm doin aite... that being what i'm workin on now. studyin wit mad ppl here n there for class. just gettin out there and tryin to get myself into some new groups being at a new school n all. lookin forward to some nice partays n all this semester. and shit, i turn 21 this semester, well at the end... but its all the same. i just can't wait. on that note i gotta work the packie this weekend, stop on by so i can card ur asses. what a rush lemme tell ya... jk. but yea, i'm tryin to meet new ppl... maybe i'll join somethin at eastern... was lookin into joinin acm... if neone knos what that is. sounds like ubermad fun to meh.
so this is my life rite now... most prolly don't give a damn, but its here anyways. i'm still in the game and not goin newhere soon, u can count on that. cause damn i dunno how to do anything else but to be. if that makes sense to you, good.

_ Johnny

Posted by Johnny at September 17, 2003 09:58 PM

yay ascii art!

Posted by: cowbert at September 18, 2003 08:12 AM

moo! that it is

Posted by: Johnny at September 18, 2003 11:47 AM
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