July 04, 2003

the 4th

haven't posted in a time... but figure today is as good as any to do so. on this special day of rememberance for our country it is good to look back and reflect upon the liberties we take for granted. i am just as guilty as any modern resident of this inconsideration for those that have come before us. (philosophical ranting will continue) i've spent some time this week watching programs on the history of our country, the grand stories of events and individuals that have shaped our country. discussing even some inconsistancies in the history books that we have been raised on. crispus attucks was not the first man to die in the revolutionary war... washington never threw a silver dollar across the potomac... the list goes on. hehe. i've realized just how much of a history buff i am over the past few days. exciting times those must have been... the idea of fighting for your liberty... and for those that had came before you and those yet to come. i suppose in our age of 'ease' these things can be overlooked. and i won't even begin to say that i don't. but on this day of rememberance... i choose to look back. look at what got us here. look at the bravery... the valor... the ideals... and everything else that has made the united states of america what it is today. its all we know, all that we've got... and those like me... we are its future. happy 4th to all, proudly celebrate that stars and stripes. additionally just wanna say r. lee ermy rulz. semper fi do or die...

_ Johnny

Posted by Johnny at July 4, 2003 11:56 AM
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