June 23, 2003

need to post

i been busy, and yet again lazy so i just haven't been posting. was just talking with my brother about txt messaging... i find it funny that he is bitching about some girl sending him 5 msgs (at 2cents a msg thats 10cents) while he's sitting at home on his ass, playing computer games cause he's on workers comp still. i was seriously like wtf, i think that water affected his fuckin head somehow. for those of u that don't know, he spilt a pot of boiling water on his feet the nite before his senior prom. with 2nd degree burns on his feet and doped up on codine he went to senior prom the next nite and had a blast. lots of sympathy apparently, way to go bro. haha. other than that i just washed the jetta, and i must say its lookin awefully purdy now. hehe, it sux it being bug season up here. shit was sorta nasty. tomorrow it'll be fully registered n stuff. gotta run to the DMV and all that. had grad. parties wit family this past weekend, that was a hoot. esp since my 42yo uncle came home from a wedding at 9:30pm saturday drunk off his ass, i thought that was supposed to be me doing that kinda shit. but it was funny non-the-less. was watchin mxc anyways, and i was a bit buzzed from the lovely exotic drinks that my aunt always mixes at family gatherings. as always a definate good time. just a minor post i guess, maybe i'll post some philo shit tonite, who knows. lata

_ Johnny

Posted by Johnny at June 23, 2003 04:49 PM
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