June 20, 2003

rain and humidity

wtf is with the weather around here? someone forget to tell mother nature that its fucking summer time? sorta annoying tho. almost all rain for like 2 weels, then just humidity. not even that hot, just humid. additionally work is rather blah... nothing much to do. but what can ya do. got my car reged and stuff and been drivin it since yesterday. for a 2litre 4cyl it cranks. tons of fun in store for me on that note. additionally i registered for my classes for the fall, finally. didn't get all that i wanted... and they don't have all my shit quite right, but i've got some time to straighten it out before the semester starts. i have an interesting variety of classes to say the least. wanted to take a trail running class... but it didn't fit into my schedule when it was all said and done. to be honest there are quite a few niceties this college has over eastern. i tend to find more and more as i get further into it. most of you at this point know that i am not attending that institution in the fall. or likely ever again. just the way things go i suppose, simply not the place for me. granted i'm sure there are other reasons that need not go into discussion... those even that none of u know about. thats the end of that era tho. on a lotta levels even :P i've learned only too well that college really is 'the place and time for everything.' some people manage to get by unscathed... but is that really living? in my own ways i'm glad i've gone through the life changing moments that i have. i've had to grow up and change a lot about me. and even that is an ongoing process. but for me, life is change. and i wouldn't have it any other way.

_ Johnny

Posted by Johnny at June 20, 2003 01:04 PM

same weather here

Posted by: jenn at June 22, 2003 08:59 AM
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