October 24, 2003


yea... 2 posts in one week. talk about a shocker. but anyways... i'm bored working on my physics labs so i figure there is somethin i can talk about. my weekend or really lack there of it this week, i just can't wait. tonite i have to goto uconn for a retreat 5-10pm for some stuff, not sure what its all about but we'll just have to see. and of course i'm staying over so that i can get up at 6am to be in hartford for 8am to work the football game. then i've got to bounce outta there early cause i have to goto real work, well its sort of real working at the packie, and work from 4-9pm there. all and all tomorrow i'll spend like 11 hours around beer and alchohol and i wont be touching one drop of it... its gonna suck. course afterward i get to go home, finish up these damn physics labs cause i know i'm not gonna finish them now. and of course sunday i get to replace the brakes on my car, just more n more fun every minute of the weekend for me. then tutor my brother in microeconomics once i'm done with my car. its just lookin better and better lemme tell ya. somone told me this week that from the sounds of whats goin on in my life that i need a lil 'tlc,' to which i replied 'whats that' or at least something along those lines... eh seems i've forgotten some good things in my past. but whatever, back to physics just wanted to post a quickie, ah yes, i remember what that is too... hehe.

_ Johnny

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October 22, 2003

school n things

simply because that is all i really do now. school. goto class, do work, go home, repeat. kinda dull, but eh i'll manage.

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went to boston this past weekend. one night, three different schools = lots of fun. had a good time and got to chill wit my brothas. the drive really isn't that bad, 95 is still the easiest way to get there tho. even if ppl thru cranston have no idea how to drive at all. never mind in the rain... but yea it was a great time, nice to get outta the house and outta the state and not have to worry about things. been doing plenty more webwork here n there. lil bits of site design and all that. i tend to have a lot of free time during weeknites so i just mess around with that stuff. some stuff for fun other for business. but most just to play around in my ample spare time. just hanging out, listenin to whatever new music i can find, playing with web stuffs. an exciting life i lead yes i know. but going out a bit more here n there is allowing me to have my fun also. i guess all n all i've sorta lost the blogin spirit. i dunno, certain life events i always had to write about, always had a thought or somethin to just say about em. but now, considering most of that is a distant memory i don't have as much to write about which i suppose is why i don't as much. i'm workin on that tho, seein what i can do. maybe sometime soon i'll have more to say. who knows, i could tomorrow even. i don't have much else to say right now, least i can't think of anything. so, adieu.

_ Johnny

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October 15, 2003


obviously lots of things have happened around here in the last week, i just haven't had the time really to sit down and blog. so here i am. big change in the domain, echodrive.com is likely gonna be gone soon, replaced by fysics.net . sorta catchy i thought. but i'm really looking to change the whole blog portion of the site over to another domain, but we'll see how thats gonna work out. i'm trying to dedicate fysics.net to the whole company thing hosting.fysics.net. so yea, that was a lotta fun, most all of that is getting transitioned now, waiting for some records to update etc but its been a pretty smooth transfer. and then of course i've been rather busy with classes. 3 exams in the last week with my last one this morning. none were all that bad as far as difficulty goes, just time consuming with the amount of work and studying i needed to get done. plus the 2 physcis labs which were due monday that i put off til sunday pretty much. but eh, all done now, so i'm sorta relieved. i mean as much as i can be, i'm always tense and thats just how i am. there was a lotta stress with the domain thing, transfering accounts and all that type stuff, but all in all it was a learning experience. can't bash that. no pun intended for anyone who might get that. so the rest of this week is for gettin my relaxin on. can't complain there, just some minor assignments and i'm just happy to be sorta done for a few weeks. still job hunting, i probably am gonna try to work back at the computer shop a lil more often. it just plain sucks waiting around to be called after submitting applications and havin interviews. of course this whole web thing is nice, but it doesn't pay the bills. it'd be nice if it did tho, consider that is my biggest monthly expense. but anyway, i'm gonna go run and do some physics, seemingly the only subject i do do work for. and thats probably correct. and here is me making an effort to blog more.

_ Johnny

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